IMAF S.p.A., is the most important chemical company in Italy in the Graphic Arts field. Established in 1961, it soon became the leading company in the production of chemicals for pre-printing and offset printing, especially damping solutions and solvent mixtures for printing presses cleaning. In the years it became also an important reference point for users in the field for the sale of all the consumables products for pre-printing and printing.

It is equipped with an extremely advanced automatic plant for the production of solvent mixtures destined to printing presses cleaning, rubber blankets and films.

A modern and well equipped workshop is also present. For over 25 years it has been manufacturing exposure frames and processing machines for the treatment and recycling.

IMAF production meets with the favour of many photolithographic workshops, photoengravers, photocomposers, printing shops, lithographic shops and publishing houses directly serviced from the headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo and the sister companies in Piedmont and Veneto a wide network of authorized dealers covering the whole national territory. 50% turnover concerns exports with 200 dealers, covering over 70 countries, spread in the different continents, focusing on Europe, Asia and North Africa.

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We summarize hereunder our sales program:

Equipment fo pre-printing

  • Exposure frames for offset plates
  • Plate processing machines for traditional positve and negative plates
  • Processing machines for CTP plates
  • Complete modular lines for the treatment of traditional and CTP plates
  • Water filtration systems for Plate and Film processors
  • Steackers
  • Mounting tables
  • Overhead lights and viewers at normalized light for colour control of printed matters
  • Baking ovens for plates.

Eqiupment for Printing Room

  • Automatic cooling units for damping solutions of printing presses
  • Water filtration system destined to damping solutions
  • Automatic plate wash machines.

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