Sistema de refrigeración de la solución de mojado

Mod. GRS 25

This modern, closed-circuit cooling system offers a high degree of heat exchange, thereby allowing for a small-sized tank and equipment. The tank is made of an insulated plastic material to ensure low temperature dispersion.

The high performance cooling module uses ecological natual gas. The return system eliminates any foaming problems in the refrigeration unit and the machine. One pump sends water to the printing press trays and one sends water to the cooling circuit.
Supply to trays can be regulated.

GRS 25 is suitable for 2 printing units with a maximum format of 40×60 cm. , or for 1 printing unit with a maximum format of 50×70 cm.


Mod. GRS 100/03
A modern, electronic, completely automatic closed-circuit cooling system with configurable settings. Conductivity and pH levels are displayed and the additive is replenished automatically. Alcohol percentage is controlled and replenished automatically (optional).

Flashing LED and acoustic warning signals for any problem detected, which is then shown on the display:

  • Empty regenerative agents
  • pH levels outside set limits
  • Alcohol levels outside set limits
  • Temperature not reached

The GRS 100/03 is equipped with an insulated plastic material tank that ensures reduced temperature dispersion. The cooling system uses ecological natural gas. A pump enables users to serve the delivery taps on each printing unit, while forced recovery through a VENTURI system allows the water to pass through a mechanical filter before reaching the mixing tank.

The GRS 100/03 system is suitable for 6 printing units with a maximum format of 100×140 cm. or for 4 printing units with a format of 120×160 cm. and above.

Model GRS 25 GRS 100/03
Lenght mm. 500 mm. 1210
Width mm. 570 mm. 730
Height mm. 600 mm. 1370
KG. 52 215
Volt. 230 380 – 400
Hz. 50 50 (on request 60)
Ampére 3 6
Max current input 0,7 kW 2,3 kW
Tank capacity lt. 25 lt. 110
KC 550 4500
Feeding cable 3 x 2,5 mm2 + N + Hearth 3 x 2,5 mm2 + N + Hearth
Data Sheets
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