Flexographic printing: IMAF plates, solvents and detergents.

Flexo is a direct rotary letterpress printing method, which has always been used for packaging. The evolution of materials and components means that today flexographic printing has extended production to different supports, making it ever more common and versatile.

Consistent commitment in the search for the printing best solutions has allowed IMAF to select the best photopolymer flexo plates, becoming the exclusive Italy distributor for the brand Huaguang Lucky Factory, the graphic division of the Chinese giant CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation), a leader in the supply of commercial services for launch into international markets, as well as being one of the most advanced proponents of high-energy propellant technology development and deployment.

In addition to flexo plate distribution, IMAF is a leader in the production of engraving solvents and detergents capable of ensuring excellent washing results, extending the plate longevity.

IMAF solvents and detergents for engraving are high-performance and delicate, protecting machines and removing all types of ink. Our effort over the years has also allowed us to reduce pollutants to a minimum, making IMAF a mindful and sustainable company, continually committed to environmental protection.

Cleaning and treatment of print rollers and plates with IMAF products.

Offset and flexo machine print rollers and plates need to remain clean and must be periodically checked, in order to maintain high performance. IMAF solvents and emulsions allow the washing and cleaning of surfaces, often in a single step, preparing them for new uses or for archiving.