Ipa substitutes

IMAF respects the environment with its new line of VOC FREE products.

IMAF is a sustainable company that is particularly attentive to health and wellbeing, and respect for the environment. In our extensive catalogue, we offer a VOC FREE (volatile organic compounds) product line to ensure high performance with the lowest possible environmental impact. The IMAF research and development department is constantly proactive in identifying the most efficient innovative solutions, safeguarding our personnel and the world around us. Wherever it is not possible to create VOC-free products, IMAF is committed to the designing of solutions that limit use of VOC components as much as possible.

Offset printing wetting: the latest IMAF no-alcohol solutions.

Alcohol dampening systems for offset printing are currently the most used within production processes. They ensure faster reactions to adjustment interventions, rapid achievement of the ink/wetness balance and a lower tendency to soiling. IMAF additives for dampening contain additives that prevent rust and foam formation during the printing process.
To drastically reduce environmental impact, atmospheric pollution and the use of alcohol in the print room, IMAF has created a NO VOC line of additives for dampening solutions or additives with a low VOC content; to this line, IMAF has added a series of isopropyl alcohol-based mixes, NOT subject to UTF duties, for use free from tax constraints.
IMAF printing products are completely compatible with all the inks in circulation, and offer professional performance and results.