Offset Plates

IMAF presensitized plates.

Over 60 years of experience in the graphic sector have allowed IMAF to specialize in the production of chemical products for printing, guaranteeing high standards, and a careful and professional approach. Over the years, the IMAF testing lab has dedicated precious resources to the research and production of printing plates, in pursuit of ever more cutting-edge solutions. Today, IMAF presensitized plates are anodized aluminum supports, with a photosensitive side, ideal for offset printing. This type of printing physically transfers greasy ink onto a rubberized support, usually natural rubber, which, through contact, brings it back directly onto the paper. On each offset printing machine, as many plates are mounted as there are colours to be printed (for example a single monochrome plate where necessary to print in a single colour, usually black, 4 plates in CMYK and indeed 8 in CMYK double-sided).